Reviews for "Battle for the Throne"

Fucking tribal blood orgies n shit

Beautiful use of brass domination dude. I feel like im playin some God of War.

What is this amazing program your using and how do i get it?

Devastus responds:

EWQL Symphonic Orchestra Silver (there's better ones available, actually, but with careful mixing you can get a shitload outta this one too). A VSTi Sound Library that I use through Cakewalk Sonar 7.

It's actually pretty cheap too, compared to it's quality.


Esse som é d+, perfeito pra jogo onde você da de cara com boss, dai você aperta pause, depois alt + tab, e play nessa música, dai alt + tab novamente e você volta a jogar o jogo, só que com + tenso que antes, e + divertido ^^

Devastus responds:

Thank you for your review, although I don't really know what you said :P


heh, that would fit perfectly in god of war, awesome song ^^

Very nice

Makes me want to storm an undead stronghold as the catapults fly over my head :D

Very much Blizzard's style

this is like the undead's fast paced songs in Warcraft III, and it would be an awesome boss battle for any game too.