Reviews for "Battle for the Throne"

DUDE! so good for an epic battle!

Reminds me my RP sessions:

Lord of Darkness (Final Boss): Mwahahaha! even you guys should realize you have no chance of winning! GIVE UP, and let me eat your souls!
Darkslayer (Hero): This is CRAZY, He was madly powerful at first, but now he is a million times stronger, PLUS he is Immortal now, and his wounds heal in seconds...
Celestial Warrior (Hero): If it MOVES, it can be destroyed!
Sorcerer (Hero): What part of "Immortal" and "Invincible" you did not get?
Necromancer (Hero): Yeah, What part?

LOL, hopeless odds are FTW! :D

I love this piece!

SURELY gonna use for Role Play ^^ (is a Dungeon Master)

Devastus responds:

Haha, thank you :P


awesome dude!!!and holy crap the guy below me review is loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong!!
!!!!!!!!but great song!!!!

Devastus responds:

Thank you. It's with old sounds and shittier mix however, and I'm too lazy to remake it :P


I seriously wanted to change my profile name to Infinity's End.
My own character. The God of Evil.

When I listen to this, I imagine 5 heroes coming to his fortress to destroy him. After introductions, Infinity's End starts dropping down large rocks on the heroes. Then he sends waves of fire. After that, it's fireballs. Then pillars of fire rise up from the ground to destroy the heroes. When he finds out his attack isn't working, he switches to a more powerful form of attack. Darkness attacks. These do not defeat the heroes either. Each of them has a magical shield which repels evil and darkness. Infinity's End eventually switches to his most powerful attack, Infinity attacks. First, he sends out bolts of Infinity energy to destroy the heroes. It actually kills one hero. Then, he launches a shockwave, killing another one. After that, he uses his second most powerful attack, Infinity Nova. This kills another hero. After that, Infinity's End uses his ultimate attack, Infinity Blast. This shatters the shields, and kills the second last hero. The final hero is almost killed. He takes the 5 swords, and fuses them into the Blade of Light. Infinity's End takes out the Blade of Destruction. They fight, and the hero wins. Infinity's End is banished to the realm of darkness, and an era of peace follows.

How's that for your great battle?

Devastus responds:

Pretty great battle, yes :P

Thank you for your review.


It starts out kinda like a jester sounding melody but picks up into an ever spiraling piece. I could so see like 5 people all fighting each other to reach the top of a pyramid while fucking each other up on the way up. Almost like MK Armageddon : )

Devastus responds:

MK Armageddon's intro movie was actually something I was thinking while making this, if I remember right, so yeah :D

Thanks for your review.

There's the Rush!

You have a great feel for wholesome, pulse-raising epic themes. Really hit the mood spot-on, and many would (and, judging by reviews before mine, do) admire this piece of work.

You gotta keep it up! Good Lord you rock at this.

Devastus responds:

Heh, thank you. And yeah, I'm keeping it up, as you can see from the new songs coming :P

Thanks for your review and compliments.