Reviews for "Battle for the Throne"

Oh my god!

This music really gives you the right feeling!
When that tower started to fly against my tower and the music started to play, i just thought: "Oh SHIT this is it!!!"

Great work.

I just got an album from Epic Score. And to be honest, this is better then most of the songs that are missing choir.

All true epic songs should have choir though, in my opinion.

Very much Blizzard's style

this is like the undead's fast paced songs in Warcraft III, and it would be an awesome boss battle for any game too.

Wow, that's intense.

Certainly a lot of power and depth. I could see a song like this being used in a Blizzard title. WoW, Diablo, etc. Keep up the good work!

10 and 5.

Very nice

Makes me want to storm an undead stronghold as the catapults fly over my head :D