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Reviews for "Hostage Situation 2"


Incredibly good job. Way to go in every aspect. Keep up the good work.

I'm never gonna be this good=(!

Never ever!


To the Author of this movie:

I must say that your movie is godlike. The graphics are fucking awesome! The plot is good, sound is great and well synched, and over all, it kicked ass! I bow down to you, Master.

Beast0 responds:


No 1 Movie

I can't understand why this movie is not at number one on New Grounds - It's streets ahead of anything else. The drawing and animations are SUBLIME! You HAVE to see this movie. I've only got a 56k modem but it was definitely worth the wait. That Xiaxio is pretty good but it can't compare with the beauty of this. If you dont give this movie a five there's something wrong with you!


Definately one of the best flash movies EVER! I like it just as much as XiaoXiao#3!