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Reviews for "Hostage Situation 2"

on the topic of removing HS2

Americans are fucking ignorant and stupid. This has very little in common with the "current events" as people referr them to. OK, it's aboard an aeroplane, obviously, but so what? At least you don't see any civilians get killed. No civilian dies throughout the movie, and if I got this WTC craze right, the tragic ting about it is the amount of civilians who died, yeah?

Another note; this is still one of the best films on newgrounds, despite it's bad position. It is almost embarassin to see that Commissioner Kong has climbes beyond this one, because it is so incredibly much uglier. The story is even worse than HS2's.

Rule Great Britain! Never mind the simple minded American fools.


dis was da bomb!!!!!!!!!!

I liked it.

This movie was really good.
I liked it. Keep them coming!

For some weird reason it reminds of counter-strike.

This was some good stuff

Great movie man, I loved it. One of my favourites on this site. I had no complaints but hostage situation 1 was the greatest.


This is GREAT work . Man this rulz . I really like the idea of a menu etc. Go on with the work!