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Reviews for "Hostage Situation 2"

Definitely a sweet peice of flash

Obviously alot of work went into it... and it was some good shit. Keep 'em comin...

Most Definitely good choice in music...

Beast0 responds:

Thanks very much, the choice of music was chosen by my co-writer "steve Barclay", he has a good taste,


preitty good

preitty good beast. i liked that

i got a question

this was good
in the first scene when the guy shoots the captain, the captain appears to be smiling when he is dead, maybe not but i thought so. and right after that when it shows the gun, why is there blood all over the guys hand and gun, he didn't shove it up their asses, just shot them
ya k ^_^

Beast0 responds:

Oh well, at least he died happy :P
As for the blood on the hand, that was from the second person he shot, (next to the captain) and the blood splats on the door and his hand.

Thanks for the 10, always nice :)


GOD LIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is truely the best movie made on this site, make another 1 soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

very good

gooyou are a god