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Reviews for "Hostage Situation 2"

OMFG WOOT!!!!!!!!

OMIGAWD this flash rawks mah sox off!!!Supa great job on graphics and soundwork.Unfortunatly no swearing :===(((((((((.Nice job though.Keep it up!


you have improved greatly from HS. it was fast pace, no-stop, heart pounding pure A+ quality work. I'd give 7/5 if it were possible. also I like the choice at the end (I didn't realize it at first). Great Flash keep'em comin!

This is....

Incredible work for fl 5!

ha you got me there

so you gotta defuse it huh. too bad thar CS doesn't have that map anymore. I play CS source so it might not be on that one. anyways do another.....now

very realistic

that was very realistic,i defused the bomb on my 1st try in 1 second