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Reviews for "Hostage Situation 2"

fucking badass

like most people said i liked the interactive ending


It was nice,i also like the interactive ending.
i will show what happens: :)
red - explode blue - defuse

I like the interactive ending.

The terrorist view was a little random, though. It's as if you just put a dictionary entry in the menu.

Best CS tribute..

Seriously, it is. All the other CS tributes ever made, except from this one. Are just total SHIT!

Another nice one

This was good. I was confused at first by the fact that I had to make the choice of which wire to cut, with nothing to go on. First off, movie submissions are usually just that: movies, not something you physically interact with. Secondly, I would've liked to have seen some kind of puzzle aspect for the wire cutting rather than a random choice. I felt that said random choice kind of cheapened the ending, win or lose. However, it was another nice flash, I can't deny that.