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Reviews for "Hostage Situation 2"

That's well crap!

Sorry, I might have thrown you off there. What I really mean is this is FUCKIN AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!! Oh yeah and BTW, go to Echo 27, I, ah I mean Beast needs the support (sweating uncontrollably). Hey Beast it's Spaz here! HI!!!!!! Sorry am I embarrasing you? Sorry Dave.

mmmmmmmmm... something

Anyways, I feel like a generous helping of shut up juice and a side of prozac...

see ya in E27 BBS!!!

Great Movie?

This "movie" is great. What it's doing under the title of a game... we'll never know. But the effort that went into this is very aperant. Great job. Well directed. Great angles. I don't really like the CG stuff too much, but it's an easy way to get the desired effect, I guess. And what ever work, works, right?!
Lets review this movie fairly shall we. It's obviously not a zero, as that first dickhead would have us beleive. The only case where this would be a zero, is if you'r deaf, blind and dumb.
Keep it commin' brau.

what the fuck?

what the fuck???????? This movie was harsh man it was PROFESS!!!!!!!!!!! PRO FUCKEN FESSIONAL!!!! ehehhe you made this shit?? how long it take man like 2 fucken years???? I hope it did cause if you tell me 4 months or somthen you must have no life heheh I can't even imagine... anywaz... good job!


that was pretty fucking good, reminded me alot of metal gear.