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Reviews for "Hostage Situation 2"


this came out 6 months before 9/11


nice work!

Still live and kickin'

Man I'm so glad this is still on the net, I remember seeing this back on csbanana.com(when they still had all the cs flash movies and various cs songs) way back when it was first released.
Good Stuff!

very good

o man when it did the wire thing you had to guess and so i figured out that the blue is to support the bobms cooling system so if i cut that it can't go cuse it heats up very fast and the red is to contain the heat so if i cut that it blows up cause it ups the heat buildup but if it showed where the wires where hooked in i whoud have known what to do my frist guess and i got it o yeah and the yellow wicth oyu can't do was for i think to the electricty so if you cut it then it makes it go faster casue then how much elecrity it has left is 1 sec faster than befroe it runs out of power to explode i knoe alot about bombs and i'm only 12 allmost 13


awsome flash dude.