Reviews for "Fun Time Shooter"

Very original, cool game!

That was a great game! It was funny, too. "When I open this door, there will be nothing there..."
The only thing that I didn't like was the black crosshairs that seemed invisible in dark areas. And it was kinda short
I can't wait for the next one!


That was a great idea, but can you make it longer next time. Did you make another layer with clear buttons over people to make to gun work?

w00t w00t

dude, amazing !
i like video flashes and this one is amazing !
yo, you inspired me to make a flash movie kind of like that one (i have a sniper airgun) and my friend is comming over in 30 minutes :-)
we will have some fun !!!
yeah, but can you tell me one thing - how the **** did you make a part of a movie file a button in flash? HOW?! plz tell me and i wont have to waste my own time figuring it out, lol
nice, make more, **** the file size - make it bigger rezolutiona nd better quolity :-)

not bad

for a first flash, this one was really good. you seem to have good talent, i sure hope you put it to good use on here. next time, try some sound/music from the audio portal, that should be able to help you out.

Excellent idea. Needs tweaking.

Conceptually speaking this kicks ass and the things to change are simple. First of all any movie with this large of a file size should have a scene that waits for the user to start the movie after the preload scene. In other words there should be a button to push after the preloader. Also the gun cursor is black and so is much of the video. That makes it disappear. You should make it a color that isn't in the video. I'd pick bright green. Why not fashion some kind of guns to be holding? Consider making a layer on top of the video layer with gun shot effects and other fx like blood. Anyway it's pretty sweet. Nice one!

Crafton responds:

All Valid Points, I plum forgot about the preloader being the way it is, and yeah the Cross-Hair will be changed. The Guns and what not will be implemented at a later date in another version of the game. Generaly was just seeing if the idea would work. Thx for the positive feedback.