Reviews for "Fun Time Shooter"


The dialogue just id , but camn nice job and shooter concept

Very Creative

That was a great idea for a game. Never would have thought of it. Everyone else commented that you should have had fake guns....naw it was funnier the way you had it. I voted you a 5 for the great idea. Expect to see tons of people taking using it for their own flash.

Crafton responds:

Ah yes your right:/ thats what i was worried about when submitting it. I guess I can say I was the first :'(

innovative but way too short

I liked the way real people were used but this way too short considering the file size.


amazing!just one thing i gotta be negative about.cap guns are like $3 why didnt you get one?


All my 5 AND 10 are belong to this!!!
Make more, make more!!!