Reviews for "Fun Time Shooter"

No sound, but still good

It was great, but when I played, there was no sound. That's why I guess I missed all the funny things and rated the humor as 0. But great nonetheless.

I gotta go change my pants now.

Oh my god. That was one of the most hilarious shooters I've played EVER. Kinda like that old school arcade wild west game (What was it called again?), but with a spoonful of humour. Sometimes I had trouble hearing what they said, but it didn't bother me too much while playing.

Crafton responds:

having this talk with my friend at the moment and the name of the game was something like mad dog Mcrea/Mcree


cool game. that was better than dbz.

man this is great don't stop now!!!

I realy enjoyed myself. This is truly an inovative idea. Those are hard to come by. congradulations!!! this game shal not be blammed


Probably one of the coolest shooters I've seen on NG (that and XiaoXiao). What a great concept. Hurry and finish the...non-beta-version...thing.