Reviews for "Fun Time Shooter"


Please make somemore! How'd you make it plllleeeezzz tell me! Here's a tip though when you use text use static text.


ive nver played a game like this b4 and it was awsome make more!!!!!


This is awsome, the idea of the real image.. wow! "Chapeau bas" like we say in french...

PS: a bit short but its a beta so... ;-)



That was really good.... I mean.. very good.... Its so neat to see someone use himself as a flash.. just one thing though.. at the beginning it seemed like it was a movie and I thought new ground might of made a mistake if it was a game or not... "Blonde Moment" anyways keep up the good work..

Best Shooter on Newgrounds

This is A classic from the begginging...
fake blood would make this game kick ass!

keep making more of these and try to make it a lil longer..

:) it was awsome