Reviews for "Bonus stage #7: Cube"


all of this series is completely awesome. there is no other better flash series on the net in my opinion.

btw that home movies spoof was fuking AWESOME TO THE MAXXIMUSSISUSssus..isus

no sir i didnt like it...

this isn’t half bad. i kinda like it to tell you the truth. it's kinda like that annoying show on the boob tube that you watch just because...
hey are you sending messages to my brain? that's it i must warn all not to....
bonus stage is the best flash show ive seen this day. i say all must watch. even if your not emo. and if your not emo then go and kill the girl next door and steal her ovaries.

fellow adult swim fan/fan

funny shows and some more! o and i am emo also

Excellent, this was great :D

I love this one, especially the bit where the guy says "EMO FOREVEEERRRRRRR...R", that was funny as well as the whole film. I am disappointed in the later ones, they aren't as good as the previous ones....

Summary: Brilliant, Funny as ever


Your gonna love bonus stage 15

They just made a brand new bonus stage Number 15!!! its funny and its better thatn 8-14 14 was really stupid