Reviews for "Bonus stage #7: Cube"

This actually made me laugh

One of the first episodes of Bonus Stage to do so...'put us in a better crossover...I SAID A BETTER ONE'

Very amusing...love the referance to Home Movies at the end...amazingly accurate. Bravo and keep on rocking


I saw every Bonus Stage on the High Score site, and this one was one of my favorites. "That was the best spring break ev OH CRAP!"


Jean Ray in 2008!

Good, liked the parodies

Another good one, the different parodies were good. I'm not sure if you were paroding ATHF with the Moononites, but I know that's where you got the idea for those short clips in the begining, Dr.Weird.

ATHF rules!

this sieries is to

I only just discovered this series today, and I'm already hooked. Especially enjoyed the rockman and Rocky&Bullwinkle spoofs.