Reviews for "Bonus stage #7: Cube"

Pretty good

I just love your style, looks like a group of characters who could end up on cartoon network, with a different story line though. This movie lost me though, but I wasn't really paying attention.

Could do better

I've watched every episode of high score and bonus stage and this one was lacking. it was a bit everywhere.

Nice references.

I loved the Home Movies one. You more or less caught that one with no problem whatsoever.

Dune Crescent. =)

haha great shit

Mooninites!?!?! , haha classic, man that really sounded like them, hah your movie was fuckin hilarious, especially drunk!!! Keep em comin...

HeadLock Lover BONUS STAGE

Iam a BIG BONUS STAGE FAN! I love your series so much! it gets funnier each time with lines like

"Did you throw a banana at me?"
"Shut up and get in the Box!"

Man your movies are GREAT