Reviews for "Bonus stage #7: Cube"

Fooly Cooly-like

I have watched most of bonus stage out of pure curiousity, and hope that they will be funny or at least make some sense to me. I was annoyed by several things in this movie. 1:Adult Swim should not be copied:its at a low enough quality to make it funny. 2:You must have watched FLCL alot or are just a drunk monkey in your plotline and scene placement. 3:Your animation is okay, but your jokes are well, pathetic. 4:The only thing I like about the show is the beginning and thats the only reason it doesn't get a 1. I cannot understand the legion of fanatics who follow this series, just because it's "almost" like aquateen hungerforce, which I love. You tried to go ATHF with the beginning and end, but that was sad, even compared to doctor Weird. Other than that and ripping off the Mooninites this is nothing like ATHF.


i love this movie but you lost some points becuse of you made fun of inuyasha

Very funny.

Good job. But why do you keep on making fun of inuyasha? That show is freaking awsome!


The music rocks, it's clever, and it's got good voices. I like it, keep it up.

this stuff rocks!

I laughed throught the whole thing and the way this is drawn is also pretty good. I just love this serie, please make some more.