Reviews for "Bonus stage #7: Cube"

Great, but.......

Plz go back to working on High Score. Work on it more than Bonus Stage. Im sure a lot of people would rather see High Score instead of these shorts. But still, this one was good.

Wait...that's not the end, right?

I've been frequenting your site. I saw the first seven through Newgrounds and I watched the last two on your site. Umm, you are going to make more, right?

*shrugs* I really like your Bonus Stage character designs better than your High Score designs. I was disappointed when 8 utilized the HS designs for most of it. The game, however, was boss.

Rock on. You're really funny and you write good music. Cool animation chops, too.

Wormism is the future

It hilarious, but nothing compared to #8. SUBMIT IT!

The second best Bonusstage!

I´m a great fan of Highscore and Bonus stage, really, i love these series. The Yuletide was my favourite, but this is great too...lol inuyasha.

Very good work!
Lucres malthor


The worms reference alone sold me. Good Stuff the NYE still the best though