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Reviews for "** \ Death Ritual / **"


it needs to be longer but otherwise its awesome

Sonofkirk responds:

Yes, i know ... anyway, thanx !

boppin mah head \m/

very nice man, love the riffage and everything, just seems somewhat muffled to mah ear, of course, I've never dabbled in industrial before hahaha. still awesome tunage.

Sonofkirk responds:

Coolio !! yeah the rhythm guitar sounds a little muffled because I staked two different distortion to have the most dirty tone ! lol
Anyway, thanks for the review !


Industrial shit is coolio!

Actually, going way back, one of my favorite bands is "Ministry" quite industrial.
This piece is really cool.
Are you going to expand it? I think you should~!

A five of course!

Current Score

4.39 / 5.00 (+ 0.032)

Sonofkirk responds:

Thanks a lot, bro. Yeah I think i'll expand it, sure.
Minisry = \m/
Thanks for teh 5 !

its naic

its pretty cool nick! but still I think (and I bet you agree) that your hard rock and metal songs are very superior.

I think you should stick to your common music, because you are EXTREMELLY good at it.

whoa btw I liked the ending of the song.

but it would fit a resident evil game for sure

I just dont enjoy industria music, it makes me nervous

Sonofkirk responds:

LOL thanks a lot dude ! Yeah, I agree, i'm better when I writte Metal songs ...

... sorry if I make you nervous !!

Killer game song

nice one dude it sounds like an crazy metal factory level in a shooter game or something. nice guitar noises n shit the solo is great too it fits very well with everthing else and the diminished liks are sweet as hell as well as the desending legato run.

Hope it gets used in a cool game

Sonofkirk responds:

Hey, thanks dude. It was fun to make this, and weird ! LOL Yeah, I hope too !
Anyway thanks for the kewl review dude.

You rule all over the place\m/