Reviews for "You Know, I Know, Techno"


The beat is good and strong, the rhythm is great as well.
I could see this being played at a nightclub somewhere.
Nice work!

Pretty rad

I like it, has a nice beat and feel to it.

Keep up the good work!

nal1200 responds:

Thanks, Cap'n!

good but not my style

i do like the sound of it and it is cool that your trying something different i love the intro(just looped again) but eh its not your best. something you might wanna try is to take the half step beat after the bridge(2:25ish) and make it stand out more from the rest of the synths either make it clean so it doesnt pan or crescendo like everthing else or higher pitch. good overall a solid entry but not amazing

It's impressive.

It gets a little too repetative a some points, but the melody is still smooth. It makes a nice background theme or end credits theme for flashes. I definately see potential in this kind of music, so let's hear some more!

Pretty Damn good.

It was a good song i liked the beat and all. though the first part got really repetitive for me.