Reviews for "You Know, I Know, Techno"

Uber. xD

GR34T, again. Awesome song.
I caught myself bobbing my head to the song.
Lol. Keep making music.


nal1200 responds:

Uber fantastic!

Very Good Song

This sounded very good... I liked the almost underwater feel of the track. It also reminded me sorta of a Victorian drama story for some reason. Very nice synths and the bass accompanied the music nicely. One small qualm I have is the almost repetitive sound of the song, though it's a nice enough melody to let that slide. Great job. Can't wait for your next.

Be Happy - Python

nal1200 responds:

Yeah! The upbeat arps sounded very.. "high class" lol

You know that I know that he knows...wait what?

I'll get it eventually! I can't say things like that late at night, it um make my brain hurt, I'll try again in a bit. Mind you right now this is just the thing I need, happy bouncy track to keep my spirits up! School tomorrow, ugh, 'n' stuff. still, a reviewers gotta do what a reviewers gotta do. Veeeeeery random, veeeery good for me in summary, I like das random, makes me feel at home, a great sort of, y'know, affinity towards the artist. Good start too, doesn't really belay whats the rest of the song will sound like. One more thing! That stonking great big smile if got won't go away now, not really a problem but I just thought I'd point that out.

Hammerypart says: Dude? Is there any question? Of course you should make more! And inform me when you do! Please? Pretty please? With chocolate and hugs? Yeah, thanks, oh and Cya 'round the portal!

nal1200 responds:

lol yeah, it's just funny to hear "you know, I know, tech know?"

Thanks for the review!


The beginning was good but you should add more bass and oh yeah sidechaining!!! Keep up your good work!! Just keep me aware of your newe songs!! TY :)

pretty good

hey this a pretty nice song 5/5 !!