Reviews for "You Know, I Know, Techno"


That was some cool shit man! Great song! Keep it up!


The beginning was good but you should add more bass and oh yeah sidechaining!!! Keep up your good work!! Just keep me aware of your newe songs!! TY :)

Very Good

I loved the beat at the beginning, but there was something missing.. something i cant put my tongue on. the middle seemed like a part of a latin (or spanish) song where the pretty lady dances, and that was different from what you usually do. It's not your best, but its up there with the others. looking forward to more of your songs, and keep pumping that synth!

~ Moe

Tempting to dance to.

needs more clearer sounds, but great

Bouncy, up, Bouncy down

I feel so bouncy, It gets good votes for making the Ripped move.

nal1200 responds:

Bounce bounce boing!

Sidechaining ftw!