Reviews for "You Know, I Know, Techno"

Who can't like a song with such a name? :)

Hey, thanks for the word! Very nice song, it's really suiting. Not as cool as your rock stuff, but this one will last longer ;)

Wow, this is one of a kind

you impressed me once again!

It's impressive.

It gets a little too repetative a some points, but the melody is still smooth. It makes a nice background theme or end credits theme for flashes. I definately see potential in this kind of music, so let's hear some more!


it's pretty good. I like your rock songs over this. It kinda sounds like something that would be on the new Alvin and the chipmunks movie.I give it 7/10


Great! As if i had any doubt it would be, i love your music, keep it up.