Reviews for "You Know, I Know, Techno"

Some advice

Great i love it. Also if you want more popularity you need to do all the types and styles of music there are rap,techno,brit,pop,rock,pop rock, and a whole lot more


Its quite diferent from many songs I have heard before thats why Its good. Diferent Beats , makes the diference lol. keep that pace

great, great

it's energetic... so far you are one of my favourites... i'll love to hear more from you, congratts!!!

The Phoenix likes!

Very cool! Awesome main beat and theme. I really enjoyed the Euro-Techo. YOu should make more like this. The beginning was sweet!


hey this song is awesome i hope some day i could make a song as awesome as this. I'm a beginner at song making and i one day i hope im as awesome as U!!!

nal1200 responds:

lol thanks man