Reviews for "You Know, I Know, Techno"

very good

very well composed
Techno is not my style but youre good at it
but I like your dance songs more maybe becouse thats more my style:P

kick awesome

great job keep up ur random technos

One of the best tracks on NG.

You know, there's almost a magical quality about your music, nal. Whenever I listen to it my mood is instantly improved, and there's this distinct atmosphere of happiness. Your music is just so uplifting, no matter what genre it's intended for. This track specifically is just like an adrenaline rush; it's inspiring, magnetic and very fun to listen to. Downloading, faving, doing all that, because it really deserves it. The title is particularly witty, too. I know and I sure hope YOU know how awesome this song is. It made my night with it's excellence. <3

Love it :D

Out of all your submissions Nal, theres no doubt in my mind that this is your best. 10/10


It was a great tune, just like everyone else has said, by the middle or so to the end, but the beginning was a little dodgey. Of course this song won't stop me from continuing to listen to your songs though! Can't wait for your next one!