Reviews for "You Know, I Know, Techno"

You know that I know that he knows...wait what?

I'll get it eventually! I can't say things like that late at night, it um make my brain hurt, I'll try again in a bit. Mind you right now this is just the thing I need, happy bouncy track to keep my spirits up! School tomorrow, ugh, 'n' stuff. still, a reviewers gotta do what a reviewers gotta do. Veeeeeery random, veeeery good for me in summary, I like das random, makes me feel at home, a great sort of, y'know, affinity towards the artist. Good start too, doesn't really belay whats the rest of the song will sound like. One more thing! That stonking great big smile if got won't go away now, not really a problem but I just thought I'd point that out.

Hammerypart says: Dude? Is there any question? Of course you should make more! And inform me when you do! Please? Pretty please? With chocolate and hugs? Yeah, thanks, oh and Cya 'round the portal!

nal1200 responds:

lol yeah, it's just funny to hear "you know, I know, tech know?"

Thanks for the review!


Hey, cool song dude! It's good to dance---
you could have powered the bass a bit up, but for the rest: disco-ready song!
keep up your style!

nal1200 responds:

Fuck yeah for sidechaining!

So many Warpish noises

Awesome song man. It just made me a bit dizzy. It Has a nice feel to it though. I'd say listening to this is healthy, Lol. I like how it kinda jmps up and down and bounces from side t side. Like a handball or something. The Bounces are so dramatic I like it. I'm putting this in my favorites.

nal1200 responds:

lol thankyou!

As Expected

I am pretty much at a loss for words, which is rare in my case. All I can say is that I thought this was going to be great and, no surprise, it was. Keep it up! I need more tracks in my Favorite Audio section. ;D

nal1200 responds:

Thanks man! :]


nice groove there. better than those other high rated techno tracks i saw. very nice

nal1200 responds:

Thanks alertg!