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Reviews for "The Suspects"

i need walktrough

if someone beats this can i get a walktrough


The only thing that really messed me up was having to ask the boss for more time. Everytime I got close to getting Klink and his girl, I'd run out. Nice touch.

suspenseful, and, do you like green day?

great game i like all of these type of games, its really helpin me in real life. by the way, you probably like greenday because the signs say "boulevard of broken dreams", next exit. i pay attention to this stuff and not just look at a guide, thanks for makin this game (and all of the others)

Spoilers (oy great still confused)

Here's my problem.

I know that a man named jim is not the murderer but is a likely suspect because he was the last one to see her leave the office.

Yale and Helen both have motive.
Yale because he got her pregnant and wants to get back together with his wife and Helen because she hated their marriage.

From Helen I know that the bracelet was in the victims possesion.

Yale talks about how Rolf Klink wanted to stop the bad press angie
would of given the new medication. That with the fact that the braceler was in her possesion makes me think that wait.............................................. Rolf Klink didn't kill her Ted's ex wife did..............
Am I close.
Also in the apartment, I don't find any evidence exonerating Ted, just an old pizza box receipt that I think links him more to the murder than exonerates him. Keep in mind I started this game at 5:00 in the morning without sleep but still haven't giving myself the 4 hour option yet. I've played through them all and you've really outdone yourself. It's good to see some quality flash on the site.


i have played this game soo many times and i went to pg 16 and cheated :-( but it was a realli good game