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Reviews for "The Suspects"


You don't have to talk to Ted, just visit his apartment and collect all the evidence. The problem I have is that once I tell Crabtree that the bracelet was in the wife's posession, the game snaps back to an interview with the co-worker. I'm assuming that that is as close as possible one can be to beating this...

An Awesome Detective Game

I don't believe people are insulting this game because it's "too hard." If you put enough time into it it'll become PAINFULLY obvious who the supposed killer is, and all that will be left is the matter of finding the evidence. The only problem I have is that when I talk to the superviser about interviewing Kate (or whatever his name is), he just jumps to asking me for a conclusion. Also, even right after I take a nap Ted Hartrup still thinks I'm half asleep interviewing him.


That was pretty bad.

You're good at making negotiator games, but not detective games. I mean come on, do you even realize how insanely hard this is?

i REALLY LUV your movie....they help me alot ; )

thnx for making theese games i luv them all, im not lieing, they help me alot with nogociating!!!!


This review is just a walkthrough for those people who dont wanna take the time 2 find the other walkthroughs. With the help of Nevernaya and Silent-Harpoon here's the spolier...

Nevernaya ~
You can negotiate more time. I thought at first we couldn't, but in the end it says, you should've negotiated more time and it's true. You can get 24:00 hours..
1) Say you sense there is animosity between you and ask what you did to upset him.
2) Tell him you perform better when you feel good about yoursefl and his verbal abuse is having a negative effect in you self esteem. (yeah, this option!)
3)Acknowledge that he is obviously upset about something you said etc etc etc
4)Chosse the one that says that you worked so har sunday night...the one of your dog biting you.
5)Thank him very much and you get the 24 hours. you you choose the other, you get eight only, so beware......

Now the walkthrough by Silent-Harpoon ~


1. Accept your 16 hours and get to work. (Don't waste time talking)
2. Visit the murder scene. Examine the watch, zoom out, examine the bracelet and the tire iron. Leave and tell the police officer to take the body for autopsy and agree to the tire iron stuff.
3. Visit Dr. Russel. Ask if she has any enemies. And then ask if there was a man in her life. Leave.
4. Visit Angie's home. And just leave. Skip the neighbor! Just leave. That's right... JUST LEAVE!
5. Visit Yale and just leave. Yes.. LEAVE AGAIN! Do nothing! Don't talk to Yale!
6. Crabtree scene. Ask to interview Ted. And then do nothing, just leave! LEAVE! Don't talk to Ted!
7. Visit Ted's wife, Bridget. Tell the lady that you're a police officer (option 1) And then the 3rd option. Show her the bracelet, then what it stands for, then ask when Bridget took it, where is she, and finally, ask her you want to speak with her. She'll tell you about Rolf Klink and select to view the newspaper and select the last headline about 400 jobs.
8. Back to the police station - Tell the guy that Ted didn't do it. And that he has an alibi about the pizza (even though you didn't visit his place to see this evidence... lol). And finally.. Explain Rolf Klink to him.

This game was funny 2 play and hard 2 beat but awesome! Hope u make more games and great job!