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Reviews for "The Suspects"


is it true that you can download flash mx only one time because i downloaded it with other email adresses but that did not work can you help me

so hard

i get so close then get shot i give up for today
good game though
voices get annoying


I don't know man....that was pretty weak. I think it was good from one standpoint, but from another, the entire scenario seems entirely too fake.

Good stuff, but

It's clearly not your best work. I think possibily that working a motif like this was too much. You went for the cheesecake of a cop drama and let loose.

You have an imaginative captivation when it comes to writting out a plot, but take my advice, and put more reality into it. 16 hours to do your job? Not bloody likely. Maybe you should have made it an "old case" that had not been solved. You had to go back to the roots of the crime, and start over or something.

Some of the voices got annoying, I admit it. If you curb the forcfulness and soften her tone, it'll make her parts great.

Every time I lost, I got more and more annoyed, to the point of looking through the reviews looking for spoilers to win.

Good luck with future games. Remember "real fiction" will work better.

Nicely Done

Loved the game. It was very challanging and kept me coming back everytime I lost. Then when I beat it, i wanted more. The only problem is that you waste so much time WAY to easily.