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Reviews for "The Suspects"

Hard game, but good. HERE'S HOW YOU GET 24 HOURS!
You can get more than 16 hours to work if you negotiate with the boss.
-Argue that 16 hours is not enough time.
-Tell that you think there's some alleged animosity between you and the boss.
-I perform better with good self-esteem
-You must be upset with something that I said.
-I worked through the previous day and was so tired that I was spewing off non-sequitors that caused my dog to bite me.

24 hours!

games hard as hell. By the way, was the time 12:06 a reference to Guilty Continence?


When i took a nap, Ted still wont talk to me, and when i explain that ted didn't do it, i keep going back to Russel

It was a bit hard

I swear without reviews I wouldn't know what to do


All of his other games are exellent and I am sure that this one will be exellent too!