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Reviews for "The Suspects"


I beat it! I had to go to page 16 and look at the reviews for a walkthrough cuz I couldn't do it without it. There were a lot of flaws in it, like the no sleep thing because there's a new invention out for this guy called: coffee you really should get him to check into it lol

I was so annoyed and frustrated until I beat it. Too bad I can't continue with it lol

Nice Job

I love this game, but I felt sorry for poor angelina and her baby, but those old next door neighbors were funny.. I like mystery games and this one was awsome! It took me about 10-20 mins to beat on the first try. But that's ok! I usually slow down and think before I choose. Anyways good job. If you were to make one that's even harder with more suspects that would be great though.

Tough but good.

Finally beat it after taking a look at it months later after the first time I tried. All of the evidence and theory were related to the choices I made, which led to the correct way to end the flash. Well I will now try The Interrogation to conclude everything. Thank you for the brain exercises.

real good and challenging

DAMN! I cant beat it...lol it was good tho...left me in suspense


It was well made and the graphics and sound were fine, but it was almost exactly like the CSI video game which made it seem like that's where you ripped your ideas from. It was good work though.