Reviews for "what the people want"

i think i have to agree with you

but hell you know there are different people with different opinions... i enjoy guns, fighting, and just such a serious topic turned into something hilarious. i did agree with you on some of the things cause i just find them to be really dumb, but thats my opinion. i did watch your "smile and a ribbon" flash and i now you put a lot of work into it but it just didnt entertain me. hell if you one of the Domestic Partners flashes they have terrible graphics and it aint that funny to me but people like it.same with foamy, i hate that gay bastards flashes but dumbasses enjoy it. if only you could change everyone opinions huh.....

Not bad, in fact, I liked it!

ok lets review.
GRAPHICS: I'm sorry to say, but they were very lacking, the animation wasnt all that bad, but i felt as if i was watching a slide show.
SOUND: Narration/Voice Acting was very smooth, and it seemed like he had practiced it earlier, which is a plus. The sound quality was excellent.
STYLE: I haven't seen all too many flash movies like this one, congrats on that part.
VIOLENCE: Almost not applicable, 'cept the part with the stick figures (heh).
HUMOR: Pretty funny, I loved the swearing monkey, but try to pick up the pace a little bit.
OTHER/SUGGESTIONS: How about showing this guy who isn't up to date on the "hip and the now fashion of life". ;-)

3/5, 7/10~Stiron
(a pretty thorough review dontcha think?


It wans't want I was expecting or what I "wanted" but it still was entertaining for a movie that could of talken you a half and hour to create. I guessing you've been suppressing a lot towards the net community. What a simplitstic and effective way of getting your message across. Anyway I gave it a 7 for the GUNS!!! I really liked those guns you showed up on the screen. That made my day!!

So not like you

Your animations sure have changed mr. Ether. Oh my God. It's not bad, the weirdness is still there, but it'd be nicer if it was the way it used to be. Also, why did you change your website from thepaintedwagon.com to thefucksociety.com? Is the Alert still coming? I signed up to get a notification ages ago. WHEN IS IT HERE?



i liked the hand guns but the m4a1 is a shitty rifle the g3 rifle beneeth is a good one but looks ugly i loved the car and everybody that likes weapons try searching for g36 nice rifle and mini colt 25 also nice