Reviews for "flashforbeginners:script"

good job

i liked it it really helped me - you should put like how to make walls that you cant pass so its like a maze with an enemy following you, and maybe how to make levels and such - Can you teach me!?!email: lone_wulf8@hotmail.com


i have flash mx pro, and wen i riteclick on my spaceship to name it player, theres no panel! and i looked through all the options and theres no instence!! gah! help me plz!!


This tutorial helps me alot!

great tut

very helpful tutorial i was able to make my character move and react, but i couldnt make the xplosion work.

as for everyone else, i have flash cs4, just press f9 and on the left change the actionscript 3.0 >> actionscript 1.0 & 2.0 and it should work.


to get to instances in Flash 8 just go to the bottem left, click on properties, and right below "Movie Clip" it says <instance name> just type in "player" there