Reviews for "flashforbeginners:script"

I use this alot.

Comes in handy.

And to help the other people with "instances" you need to look for a properties tab or something of that sort.
that should help, its Macromedia flash mx.


Good Tutorial but not working right for me, i have Flash 8 and the Enemy dont move :/ Maybe because i have writen the Instance Name on the wrong place.. i dont know, so please can someone tell me where is the real Instance Name Option in Flash 8?

It's ok...

...But how the heck do you change the instance name?!?!?! I right click, but there is NO PANeLS!


i have flash 10 so none of the options in this were available. maybe somebody could make a new version? please?

this is really great

ive been working on a platformer game and i wanted to add in like a monster/pet that follows you but i wanna know how to make it so wen the monster follows you it plays a movie clip of it walking and if it doesnt move it jst stands their ? plz help out i will give u cred wen done