Reviews for "flashforbeginners:script"


I've downloaded Adobe Flash CS3 Pro trial. When I opened Action Script 3.0 I was not able to copy and paste codes! Is this because I have the trial version?

ENEMY Script doesnt work for CS4

:P For Those with instance troubles, For CS4, maybe CS3 Its in the Properties Sidebar. why wont this guy follow me?! xD Any ideas on how to work the script?


Either his tutorial doesn't work for CS4 or else I'm misunderstanding him somewhere. I can't get the IF action attatched to my movie clip.

its ok

Its good enough if you look at the updated version in ultimate tutorial as he explained its better

It's ok

My ship is moving but it's moving a bit oddly - It's like it's just turning around something to turn and because of that it's going weird.