Reviews for "flashforbeginners:script"

I don't think I'll ever animate

it's too confusing.

Great Tutorial

This is a great tutorial. The reason why I'm giving it a 9/10 is because of the end part of the programming. It's a bit off, which doesn't make the game work successfully. That part is when the ship explodes, but it doesn't Don't worry. I found the solution. Here's how.

In the tutorial, look at this following program:

onClipEvent (enterFrame) { if (this.hitTest(_root.enemy)) { _root.player.Play (); }}

There are two things wrong with this. First, it's the punchuation error. The "Play" needs to be lowercased. Otherwise, it the programm will not work. Here's the correct code.

onClipEvent (enterFrame) { if (this.hitTest(_root.enemy)) { _root.player.play (); }}

Second, the program is now correct as it is. The problem is where to put it. The tutorial asks you to put the program in the movie clip "player". That's not where you put it. Instead, put the program in the movie clip "enemy", not "player". Again, use the second program in this review, not the first one.

This should solve the problem with the last part of the programming. Hope this helps!

Pretty Good

Awesome Tutorial. For Once, Everything Worked.(Except The Explosion At The End)Do You Know Another Way To Make The Explosion Work?

so close!

Aww you had me till the end, I can't do that blow up thing ether. any help?

Fucking Shit...

This is bullshit no disrepsect to you and your vid but I cant get it.