Reviews for "flashforbeginners:script"

it was aright.....

I thought it was aright because it taught me alot on my flash experiance it realy helped me out in my flash media plaer thanks for makin this flash to all the citizans of newgrounds!!!!!!!!!!!It helped a bunch of people in through out the years!!!!!!!!!!!thanks:)

the ac for the explosion didn't work ;,(

the music i thought was good, but the fx. suked and the ac. didn't work for the exploding part

not good at all

the graphics was bad the AC didnt work and the music was bad

Tutorial = OK but Scripts don't work.

This was an alright tutorial, I could read it, but the script for the explosion bit doesn't work. Once I've put that in, the guy chases the ship, but the ship doesn't explode when it's hit. Please can you help me or tell me who can?

Thanks in advance...

Couldn't find panel

I couldn't find the panel/instances player thing,i'm using flash 8 though