Reviews for "flashforbeginners:script"


this tutorial is outdated i suggest to all beginners using flash to not use this tutorial, and the text in this tutorial is way too small to actually be read easily.


text is hard to read


thanks alot but what window do i open to make Flash or drawings?


Now that better versions are out, MX is obsolete. This tut needs updated.


Lets just put it this way, its a nice effort and the animations are okay. Things that bothered me though:
- The text to explain things is mostly hard to read (way too small).
- The actionscript is absolutelly horible!
Generally you should never use more then 1 onEnterFrame event per movieclip. And what you did is an absolute mess. You used an onEnterFrame event for every single line of code! What the hell?? That would slow down any bigger game as hell...

Well next time it might be better to actually learn actionscript before making tutorials about it. Rather stick to animation tutorials for now.