Reviews for "flashforbeginners:script"


I understand that its a tutorial but what I cant understand is anything else. I could not read anything that you were doing! This flash should be updated so The newest additions of flash could still use. I was looking for half the shortcuts you did and had no Idea where you were finding these script shortcuts. Not sure if its me because im a beginner using CS4 or the flash tutorial.

But some good critizism.... I liked the stick guy running and putting up the objects.
Oh and Plz update. I really want to learn scripts so thank you for posting. Kept me busyish. Thank you :)

Kinda ancient

Update it to flash 8 or 9 MX this is kinda old and won't won't work :P


First flash tutorial that I found that looked interesting, covers the topic well, part 2 (the button) was useful, but I couldn't see what you were doing as everything was blurred XP


very helpful but some of the stuff didnt work for me :(
i just think u need a better sceenrecorder or something
when u were clicking i had no idea what u doing

thanks for the ai

good work

but this does not work with the action script 2 in SC3
its a pitty, it was useles for me :(