Reviews for "Love Hina sim date RPG"

There's some sort of major bug...

I was half-way through with motoko. I got her to 606 pts and then I couldn't talk to her. It would take away my HP but then nothing would pop up and I couldnt click no anything but leave. Other then that, good game. I've played it through before.

Super addictive!

If you liked the Love Hina series, you'll love this game! I have completed it twice, and I ended with having Kaolla Suu and Naru as my girlfriends.


One of the great games of Newgrounds. One of the best. A must play. Just play it. I don't care if you don't like it. Just try it out.

i love the dating sims

these dating sims are awsome they should make the entire world bow down before the greatness that is the dating sim

Pretty damn good if I do say so myself!!!

Id play it all day but that would just be sad!!!