Reviews for "Love Hina sim date RPG"

Played this before and I got to say it was a lot easier now.. Especially the intelligence test finished it in a min or 2 since I'm used to puzzles like that, I have a puzzle board but it had only 9 squares but I can finish that in 30 seconds so the intelligence test was pretty easy. They give you the cheat theincredibleyou if you actually complete it so it's one way to find a cheat code, but you can just search on the internet for it to be easier, I played with no cheat codes though..

it is a wonderful game. just not worthy of the A rating. The A rating should move to T or M.

I´m watching the anime :P

Well, I honestly missed this game. I've been playing this game since I was 13 I think.
I don't find anything rated A about this game though, so maybe false advertisement on that? Unless someone can point out to me what's so A rated. It's not A rated unless you put in cheats I think... I'm not quite entirely sure.

Anyway; however, this game is pretty O.K. I would definitely play it over and over, and recommend to a few friends. :)

5 Stars because I missed this game, and I don't really think there's anything wrong with it.

If the game would have been more loyal to the manga plot, I would've liked it even more.
Que pena...