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Reviews for "Whats on TV?"

Weeeeeeeeee!!!!! I'm in it!

Lol, don't know if it was the original intention, but YHEY!

DarkArchon responds:

It was The Intention. LOL, I Was Wondering If You'd Even See This Movie.


Yeah, it had bedn, wadezilla, and oh just alot. good stuff.
but when you make a border... use the god damn grid you achron!!

DarkArchon responds:

Thanks Livecorpse!

Good flash

Don't listen to Jandu,this was actually a good flash..I liked it alot,keep up the good work.Sweet graphics and characters..5/5 and all 10s in the review

DarkArchon responds:

Thanks Dude. Yeah, Jandu was Banned, we dont need more 13 year old Ass Clowns like him around.

Thanks Again! ^_^

nice job DarkAchron

...but the day Strawberry gets his licence is the day we all stay indoors and call in sick to work :)



Daddeh has a lisence ;)
( i always wanted to say that XD )
If he was my dad i'd probably be dead by now :\
You righ this had no meaning to it but it sure was funny!! =D haha...i like that xD
Make more stuff like this ( i love you golden clock ) <- find that line funny.
Err..blah blah ..spam e_e*
Take care B)
( PS: Tricky scares me *shudder* )