Reviews for "AntiClockClock Prank 1"

Very well done

Not as good as the second, but this really made me laugh. I enjoyed this submission and I'm giving you a 9 and five for your efforts

Not as good as the second one

That one kind of didn't have much of a purpose, it was still funny and everything, but i think it's funnier if you call businesses so you can get more use out of your soundboard because it's less awkward for them

it's hilarious

if you remember that theyre just talking to a pre recorded sound board. have you tried the really big micheal jackson one on ebaum yet?

Short, but sweet.

Oh yeah, the previous reviewer is totally right. The concept of crank calls is copyrighted. So's the use of soundboards for them. Only one person may do this.

Funny, but too bad it's so short. It's good that you started putting in multiple calls in your later ones.


This idea was created by Rob Foor from Razoric.com, this is unoriginally. If you are going to steal ideas then at least give credit.