Reviews for "AntiClockClock Prank 1"

fking awsm

this is good, im suprised the lady on the phone doesnt realisze its Arnold though.


I dont care if it was only a single phone call in this, this is passable as one of the examples as to why people should use soundboards!
Great job on using a soundboard for a prank call, it made me laugh.
Some dialouge, and humour, excellent work!


Dude, aepko, turning your sound ON helps, a lot... moron. -_-

About the cartoon, it's not bad, but it's a fairly old audio file, atleast I think I've heard it before.

theres no sound!!!

no sound come on its a prank call not a silint movie of a prank call not even captions!!
long story short, it sucked

alex out



i love all ur movies!!mak more!