Reviews for "AntiClockClock Prank 1"

Very short

So this was really good I thaught it was an old classic but still amusing and funny these prank calls were always entertaining, I think this could use some subtitles to better suit it but overall this was pretty funny and it takes me back to a fun time on the grounds.

Some subtitles would be nice


I didn't think this was that good. It's nice to animate pranks. I remember when these were all the rage. It's a shame we have caller ID. I wonder if Penn and Teller would ever talk about this? I don't see how prank calls would be worse than prostitution.

The animation looks dated. It was too short. It didn't really go anywhere. Well, it was nothing offensive or anything. I wanted it to be offensive!

funnier than the audio

U should make some random stuff happen in the backgrond too, it may juice up the humor more 8)


i thought the graphix and the soound was crap do better in the future


you should have put more effort into this, like the graphics and the characters should be smoother, i've also heard this prank before on audio, i was thinking of doing something like it hehe, anyway, try harder in future