Reviews for "Camp"


I loved it. it was funny

One joke, but a well made one

This cartoon had only one joke, but it was a well crafted one. Yes the old 'beans/fart/flame/' cliche is just that cliche' but its done quite well here, the animation was short but well crafted. The look on the aliens face just before and after the beans hit is priceless. You watch it and you wonder what the heck is going to happen and it does, its just gives you a nice grin/giggle. Not very long but better then al ot of the jokes here. great job.


This sucked I didn't even get a thought of funny/comedy in it, besides, my 5 reasons of it sucking are these, good reasons of ANYTHING sucking.

1. No real story, one guy, can of beans, and campfire.

2. Too short, was that like, 30/45 seconds long?

3. It may have an explosion, but there was no real reason for it ya know? O_O

4. No one is just gonna camp by sitting there eating BEANS only anyway, not good there either.

Finally, 5. It was down right sucky in the first place, no one is ever going to do, or try to do anything succesfully in this movie, so this sucks, and you can't change my mind, cuz it's MY oppinion, not yours, so you can shut up, and let my review happen.

Sorry, but hey, make more, and try to make better ones, I'll check 'em out and let's see what happens. ;-D


that was good for a giggle lol


Nice toon, too short but nice. Great animation, real "flashy" style!