Reviews for "Camp"

That is all?

I was expecting more than a sad little fart joke....


... When i first saw it i loved it.. and laughed a lot. But then i though..'hey, thats nothing special, the animation and sound aernt that great and there is not a lot to it' ... then i rememberd he blew up... nice :D

That was awesome

Smooth as hell, please make more with the same character. It was great.

Nicely done

Very nice! I enjoyed it so much I watched it
twice. It's a simple joke but with the animation
being done so well, it's really a pleasure to
watch. Few other submissions come close to that
quality. I think that everyone, whether amused
or not, can appreciate the talent it takes to
put something that flawless together. Excellent!
You got all my 5 for that. Keep it up!

S'all good

no complaints here :D.