Reviews for "Duel Of the Fates"

I'm gonna review honestly

It's pretty DAMN good for ur first flash!!!
Maybe u shoudl make it longer,anyway i had fun with this!

This is good

It made me lol, (laugh out loud, for those of you who don't have friends that don't go on aol. or friends at all for that matter.) This was sooooo funny. Great job. How did you come up with such a blindingly funny plot?

A bit short

But I liked it anyway :D yoink, I'll sure be watching the series

anything that has ronald getting his ass..

kicked, has to be good.

fast food wars

ah i knew mr sanders would whup ronalds ass
i hope he slams him and breaks his clownfeet and stomps the life out of him
clowns < SHUddERS>
this was well done with old kung fu style animation

good music too i liked this excellent job