Reviews for "Duel Of the Fates"

The Macintosh Computer Hater Says....

now THIS flash has more potential than anything i've seen in a while. I say 'potential' because it has a few boo-boo's that need to be addressed.

first, it needs a preloader. no flash should be without one. second, it needs to be longer. much longer. third, you need to compress your audio to keep file sizes to a minimum. this file is too big for being so short. forth, you need credits at the end or someone's gonna sue you.

as for the good parts, the idea is old, but this particular style gives it new life. people do these things once in a while and they all turn out badly. this one looks sweet. I also like how you actually got Ronald's mouth synched with the spoken words. people have a hard time doing that, it seems.

there's my review. take what i said into consideration.

not bad, too short though

where's the rest of the fight?

not bad

Decent idea for a movie, it was just way too short.

Not bad

Dont force it to stream. have a preloader.

to short

it was to short. but it was almost funny